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Some of our blind students talking with Daniel Kish.

I first came across the work of Daniel Kish in a documentary I happened upon while channel surfing on my Christmas holiday in 2010. I watched with interest the story of a young African American boy who could find his way around by clicking his tongue. “Well done,” I thought indulgently. He was making his way in the world and was doing a very good job of it. Then I saw a piece to camera from Daniel. My heart began to race. Here was a man to whom I could relate. He was highly intelligent, articulate and used a white cane as well as this mysterious clicking technique. The documentary mentioned that Daniel travelled around the world by himself teaching this technique to others.

I did what everyone does these days and Googled him and sent him an email. To my absolute
amazement, Daniel answered my email in a matter of hours and we began to correspond.

After several months of fundraising on my part, Daniel came to Australia in early 2012 to work with me. I was also able to arrange for him to work with about 25 children in different parts of Queensland and Daniel also visited New South Wales and Victoria.

The training Daniel gave me was nothing short of life changing. I was always thought of by my instructors as a good traveller but I was crippled with anxiety about stepping out alone. Daniel not only taught me the amazingly powerful skill of FlashSonar, he also worked through my anxieties with me and helped me to move forward to a place of

I can now travel anywhere I want to if I so choose. I still have anxiety at times but I also have the skills both physically and emotionally to work it through to its source and move past it to achieve my goals.

While Daniel was in Australia, I took care of all of the scheduling and logistics surrounding his trip. Daniel was so impressed that I was able to convince him to hire me to work for World Access For The Blind as their Administrative Manager. I now handle scheduling and logistics for the company’s Four instructors as well as some liaising with clients regarding payments and other logistical concerns.

During Daniel’s visit to Australia in 2013, we decided to look into the possibility of having World Access endorsed as a deductible gift recipient so that donations given by Australians would yield a tax deduction to the donor. This proved to be a time consuming and subsequently fruitless process.

After seeking legal advice, I created and launched World Access For The Blind – Australia. We are a completely Australian and independent company whose purpose is to raise funds to continue the growth of Daniel’s ideas and philosophies in Australia. We have the
blessing and, indeed, some financial assistance from World Access America for which we will always be grateful.

We are registered with the ACNC. To find out more, please click here.


One of our young blind students learning to kick a soccer ball using a ball in a plastic bag.

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